Next meeting

Tuesday, 25 Aug, is cancelled, Tuesday, 8 Sep, is held together with the Rainbow Toastmasters, Lesotho

and starts at 1900hrs (!!). There will be no physical meeting due to Corona virus prevention measures! We meet virtually via Zoom. Please notify us if you want to join so we can send you the connecting link. Meetings start at 19.30 hrs to allow time for technical adjustments.

Toastmaster of the evening Carol
Word of the day Mabakuena
Warm up round Carol
Distribution of Jobs Carol
Table Topics Master Mona
1.Speech: “Lesotho Hats” Klaus
1. Evaluator: Ntsebeng
2. Speech by Rainbow Toastmaster Thuso
2. Evaluator Ina
3. Speech: The Hedgehog And The Hare Peter
3. Evaluator Heike
Grammarian open
General Evaluator Johanna
Other jobs to be determined at the meeting

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