Pathways is running!

Although we can still use the former education program, a third of our members have already decided to start the new education program “Pathways“. The first speeches have already been made.

It’s still a bit unfamiliar, but from meeting to meeting it gets more and more pleasing. The meetings on Pathways are the same as before. Only the guidelines for the speeches have changed.

I’m looking forward to someone doing the project of video-conferencing. This is something completely new!



Today we had our first board meeting of the TM-year. I am looking forward to running our club!



The next Conference-Season will start.

This is a great opportunity: The District Conference will be in Berlin!!!

The Early Bird tickets are already sold out, but you can still buy a Standard Ticket for 139. Here you can register and you find more information:;


Peter is Distinguished Toastmaster!

Our charter member Peter was given the DTM award on the 3rd of August 2016. Peter has completed both the leadership and communication tracks, earning all the awards to reach DTM status.

So, the DTM award is given to Peter, who demonstrated outstanding leadership and communication skills and who has used these skills to help others in their self-development efforts. Peter is a good communicator and an effective leader.


WP_20160809_22_14_15_Rich (2)

DTM Peter Gronemeier

(Photo: Jim)


Moonshine Distillery

Yesterday we had a very special meeting – not that our other meetings are not special, but whenever Jörg introduces us to a new hobby, it’s something special. Yesterday he showed us how to make raspberry spirits out of alcohol, water and raspberry juice.

And the best: We could try the spirits! It was delicious! Jörg’s speech evaluator was convinced: it was a great speech. Distilling is banned in Germany, unless you have a license. Or the equipment cannot contain more than 500 ml of liquid.
Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for the moonshine to distill.




Jörn won the German Table Topic Contests in Buxtehude (club), Hamburg (area) and Paderborn (division). In November he took part in the European Contest in Prague (district).



Sponsoring a cinema chair

Since last Saturday I have been a sponsor of a new cinema chair at City-Kino Buxtehude. The chair will get a plate “”. For the sponsoring I got 20 cinema tickets. If you want to take part in this sponsoring, please let me know: you will receive cinema tickets at EUR 6,00.
The new chair will be installed in screen 2 – the hall, in which foreign-language films, special films for women or for other target audiences are presented. Screen 2 is also a kind of a repertory cinema.



“British Days” – Speakers’ Corner

Last Saturday “The British Days” had its finale. The Toastmasters in Buxtehude presented their “Rednerkiste” for the Speakers’ Corner. Jörg talked about giving and receiving smiles. Some Toastmasters tasted some sorts of whisky – and enjoyed it!


british days speakers corner   Created with Nokia Smart Cam  2014 10 25 Arne auf Rednerkiste VHS Speakers Corner Created with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

Photos: Peter


“Mind the Gap”

On the 17th of October John from the First Hanseatics in Hamburg and I had a great evening at the VHS Buxtehude – British Days. The participants got a thorough introduction to British life. We learned where the Brits keep their dead bodies and how to encounter Her Majesty. John showed the audience how to spoon soup and to fork peas.

Peterbuxtehude-teamfrom left to right: John Holway, Her Majesty, Peter Gronemeier, Lady Petra

buxtehude-tea (2) buxtehude-tea2

Photos: John Holway


Stader Redenschwinger

On the 22nd of September the German speaking club “Stader Redenschwinger” had its  demo-meeting. A lot of guests and Toastmasters from Stade, Buxtehude, Bremen, Bergedorf and Hamburg joined the meeting. Now the club is on the way to become a Toastmasters Club. All the Toastmasters are asked to support the club, especially by visiting the meetings and taking a role. If you like to deliver a speech, you are welcome! Please call Mona 04161-554485 or Peter 0172-4503552 or write an e-mail:



Club Visit in Buxtehude on Tuesday Aug 26th, 2014

As Area Governor, it is not only my role to support the presidents of Toastmasters Clubs, but also to pay them a visit every once in a while.
The visit to the Buxtehude Toastmasters on Tuesday Aug 26th, 2014 was very special. First of all: We laughed a lot! There was one prepared speech that everybody could relate to. This was also the feedback of the many guests the Buxtehuder’s warmly welcomed (including me). Some of them even volunteered for impromtu speaking – although it turned out the topics were a little challenging. But with the support of the Toastmasters and guests everybody did well.
As there was but one prepared speech, the Buxtehude Toastmasters had prepared some grammar exercises. They not just claim that you can keep your English alive – you actually do when joining them. Mostly by talking English and listening to English, but a little grammar session or exercise from time to time comes in handy.
Every piece of feedback given was friendly and constructive so all guests stressed they will come back – and I am one of them.
Thank you for having me with you. I look forward to catching up with you soon!



Summer in Stade

Last Saturday we were invited to join the summer party of the Toastmasters in Stade. We met at Heidy’s house and had a lot of fun. Henning, the magician, showed us that our next journey will go to the Area Conference in Lübeck – no way out! Elke and Gudrun demonstrated in their performance the beforehangingcastle. And Heidy helped us to reduce our body weight after we had had a delicious meal: We learned some dances.


Photo Andreas, verfremdet


Have you ever been wrestling…
finding the right English expression? Then come to the Hedgehog Toastmasters and join our meeting! So did two new guests this evening who followed the invitation placed in the press and who enjoyed an entertaining evening.
What a nice word of the day proposed by MARILOU: ‘Wrestle’ – and we were to use it heavily this evening…
HANS, in his role of the Toastmaster of the Evening, was moderating the meeting and started with the warm-up round about the infrastructure fee that is currently being discussed in the public.
MONA came up with a variety of easy as well as challenging table topics to train impromptu speeches. And also the new guests participated and gave 1-minute speeches spontaneously!
DORA had a new speech in store for us: Second Hand. It did not only capture our interest, but, as affirmed by the evaluator JUTTA was a really well-prepared story about time and how to make use of it best.
During the 10-minutes grammar session, we were wrestling direct into indirect speech under guidance of MONA.
PETER introduced us to ‘Semantic qualifiers’ – part 7 of his workshop about ‘Mental Flexibility’.
And we are happy to count again a new member who turns our club more international, too!


12.08.2014 wrestle 12.8.14 Marilou Jim

 Photos: Jutta


Summer Party
Last Saturday, the Hedgehog and Igel Toastmasters had a great summer party. We met at “Birkenhain”, Neukloster Forst. Everybody spent something to eat, to drink – we had a marvelous meal! We played some games and learned how the Vikings bowled in former times.



Photo: Susanne


What a great idea to let flow the Hedgehog Toastmasters Meetings
WITHOUT SUMMER BREAK through the whole year !!
The best example was the Tuesday’s meeting( July 22,2014)
A small article in the newspaper: Keeping your English alive—
And 6 guests dropped.
JÖRG, Toastmaster of the Evening, filled the gap- no speeches-
In an excellent way, asking all participants- members and guests- for the reason being here- and what a question:
What would you do with 1 day free for holidays?
MONA trained the brain via Grammar Exercises:
Simple Past or Past Perfect ?
PETER with his Educational Session: Mental Flexibility-Mind Mapping-
showed how to present your Icebreaker easily.
DORA’s mixture of Table Topics was an offer for members and guests to answer spontaneously on RECKLESS DRIVING, CONSIDERATENESS,TEAMWORK,
What’s your BASE CAMP to reach your goal? Or only to talk about a jumping cracker.
A vivid, funny evening- 2 hours were running- and I think/ I hope, the seed for becoming a member will grow.
One guest ,JIM, signed already the application form for membership.


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