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Summer Outing of The Joint Buxtehude And Stade Toastmasters

The Buxtehude Toastmasters’ Clubs had their annual summer outing on August 16 2019. After a late luncheon of coffee and cake the members went thusly sustained on a grueling 4km leg of “Boßeln”, an ancient Frisian tradition, akin to medieval Scottish golf, in order to work up an appetite for the following frolicking with barbecue and diverse libations. Everybody agreed it was a successful event. Rainer even went and bought his own private boßling set. Congrats!

Further Education


Outgoing president Mona gives a lecture about the correct pronunciation of the “th”


Good Speeches Want Training – Ina Franke/Buxtehuder Tageblatt


Toastmasters: Appreciative Communication


Bellydance Performance by The Outgoing President – TAGEBLATT – Lokalnachrichten aus der Stadt Buxtehude. – Tageblatt


Last Saturday we had our 25th Birthday Party. One of the highlights was the debate between the Stade-Toastmasters and the Hedgehog Toastmasters. Buxtehuder Tageblatt published this article:

BT 01.12.2014 Duell



Invitation to the Hedgehogs’ Birthday Party. Buxtehuder Tageblatt 27.11.2014

BT 27.11.2014 Ankündigung Birthday


Der Regionalsender HeimatLIFE hat unser Toastmaster Treffen gefilmt und für einige Jahre konnten wir das Video hier veröffentlichen. Leider steht es nicht mehr zur Ansicht zur Verfügung.


These articles are about our one and only Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Dora. She’s got the highest award of Toastmasters International in 2012.

Articles about DTM Dora


Here you will find an article from the Stader and Buxtehuder Tageblatt: about the Area Contest Spring 2013 in Buxtehude:

“Die Meister der kurzen Rede” with the President of the Igel Toastmasters 2012/2013 Inga-Marie Hoffmann. She won the Evaluation Contest and is going to proceed with the contest to the Division Contest in Bremen.

Die Meister der kurzen Rede



Peter’s High Performance Leadership Program was very successfull. In 2012 he organized the First International Fairytale Festival in Buxtehude.

Here you find some articles about the Festival:

2012Okt10_Buxtehuder Tageblatt Märchenfestival 2012Okt10_Der Blick Märchenfestival 2012Okt13_Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt 2012Okt17_Buxtehuder Tageblatt Märchenfestival 2012Okt19_Buxtehuder Tageblatt Märchenfestival 2012Okt22_Buxtehuder Tageblatt Märchenfestival


Speakers’ Corner in Buxtehude: Video from HeimatLive



The Vice President Public Relations, Arne Gronemeier, makes an announcement about the Speakers´ Corner Event of the Toastmasters Buxtehude while standing on an Altländer applebox in front of the town hall Buxtehude


Ever wondered what happens at a Toastmasters meeting? Here’s a video produced by HeimatLive that gives you an idea of a typical meeting. Although there are variations from Club to Club, the general structure is the same all over the world.

HeimatLive visited the Hedgehog Toastmasters in Buxtehude: Video


The Buxtehuder Fotofreunde Club ( is visiting the Toastmasters. It was a funny meeting.

Here you will find the pictures of our summer event 2012:

Summer Event 2012

More pictures:

So selbstsicher und entspannt kannst auch Du vor einer Gruppe reden.

She looks realy relaxed and self-confident.








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