1.) Hedgehogs Agenda

For our toastmasters of the evening: You may use the agenda and update the dates.

2.) Brief evaluation sheets

If you like to get feedback from all club members the new brief evaluation sheets will make it possible. Procedure: Whenever you deliver a speech and want to get feedback from all club members, download and print the brief evaluation sheets. Before your speech, spread these sheets to the club members. The club members leave their feedback: they fill in strong points and suggestions for improvement.

3.) TM-Programm 2017 2018

Please have a look what we are doing!

4.) Memebership Application

Do you want to join our club? Please fill in the Membership Application and bring it to the next meeting.

5.) Ice Breaker

You are a brand new member, want to start to speak, but you have not got your manual yet? Here you find the first project: The Ice Braker Speech. Learn about the Ice Breaker, the first project you’ll complete as a new member

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